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Richette swears no flashing -from him at least- in his new movie


» READ MORE: promises he will not be naked in the movie "Tricks," which he plans to start shooting this winter.

In fact, he won't be acting in the film at all.

Daily News

readers may recall that last August Richette exposed himself to NBC 10 reporter

Monique Braxton

. Richette answered his door in a bathrobe when Braxton came by to ask about his arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother, Judge

Lisa Richette

, who died in October. Richette plans to direct the movie, which he also wrote, and shoot here and in New York, Princeton and Washington D.C., he told us yesterday. The film centers on a male escort who is involved with a governor's wife. Murder, blackmail and other misdeeds ensue, Richette says. In January, Richette, a novelist and former

City Paper

columnist, entered an anger-management program related to the alleged assault against his mother, but never admitted any fault or guilt. He's been arrested a handful of times since 1984 on charges including burglary, drunk driving and disorderly conduct, but was never convicted.