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At work on the Friday before Christmas ... and how

Some stores are in the midst of 24-hour shopping pushes in an effort to ring up as many holiday sales as possible.

Believe it or not, Friday is a work day for many.

It may not feel like it with less congested commutes and shorter lines at the office water cooler. Those who do punch the clock on this day before Christmas Eve may in fact leave a tad early. (Should we expect a dip in the productivity numbers for December?)

But if they stop by the Macy's in the Cherry Hill Mall or Toys R Us stores on their way home, they'll encounter workforces in the midst of a nonstop retailathon. It's the second straight year nearly all Toys R Us stores are open 24 hours (until 10 p.m. Christmas Eve).

Friday marks the third straight day of all-nighters for 14 Macy's stores nationwide, including the one in Cherry Hill. Macy's, which began its "tradition" of 24-hour holiday shopping with its Queens store in 2006, will flip the signs to "Closed" at 6 p.m. Saturday.

Earlier in the shopping season, I heard the CEOs of both chains claim their workforces "love" the 24-hour push because it's the biggest, most exciting shopping period of the year and, of course, the employees get more hours.

Love? Maybe in the way most of us "love" to fill out expense reports at the end of the month or burn a Saturday crafting a presentation to given on Monday.

You may gotta do what you gotta do, but you don't have to "love" everything that it takes to do it.