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Ikea says bye-bye to bulbs

The Sweden-based retailer says it will phase out incandescent lighting at all 37 U.S. stores starting Aug. 1.

Ikea, which has its U.S. headquarters in Conshohocken, will begin to phase out the sale of incandescent light bulbs at its 37 U.S. stores, starting Aug. 1.

The retailer intends to halt sales of all incandescent bulbs by Jan. 1.

Ikea says it would be the first U.S. retailer to phase out such bulbs. But a federal law passed in 2007 that requires manufacturers to make incandescent bulbs 25 to 30 percent more efficient by 2014 means that Ikea probably won't be the last.

The Department of Energy says the Energy Independence and Security Act sets performance standards for light bulbs, but does not require manufacturers to phase out incandescent lights by 2012.

Not that too many people plan shopping trips to Ikea to buy light bulbs, but the chain says it will be selling substitutes, including compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs.