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Redlasso adds two more media execs to press broadcasters

The King of Prussia provider of an online video tool favored by bloggers has been told by broadcasters to stop distributing their content.

Redlasso Inc. has added more media industry firepower to help it make its points with broadcasters.

The King of Prussia provider of Web tools to bloggers has set up a media advisory board with two members so far: Michael Dolan, former chief financial officer of Viacom, and Anthony Cassara, the former president of Paramount Station Group.

Add them to Redlasso's retention late last month of Michael H. Jordan, the former CEO of CBS Corp., as a senior advisor.

The company needs these friends formerly in high places in broadcast media because several television and radio networks who want Redlasso to stop providing collecting and distributing their video and audio content over their Web site. NBC, Fox, CBS and two other broadcasters sent a cease and desist letter to Redlasso in mid-May.

Redlasso's response so far has been to say that it will continue to do what it's been doing since November: operating a password-protected Web site that enables bloggers to search for TV and radio segments that they can then clip and add to their blog posts.

Here's what Redlasso CEO Ken Hayward had to say about the new media board:

Redlasso is very pleased to have some of the most brilliant minds in media providing guidance to our company. Their participation confirms that the Redlasso platform is an elegant solution for content publishers, advertisers and the blogging community to monetize and utilize time-sensitive video content that was already being used for free online.

Both Dolan and Cassara will "serve as liaisons with media companies on behalf of Redlasso," the company said in a statement.