Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has named the former top law enforcement officer in Maryland to lead a wide-ranging probe into the Porngate email scandal. Douglas Ganser, Maryland's former attorney general, will head the team of lawyers from his Washington firm to review the chain of racist, pornographic and misogynistic emails exchanged among state prosecutors, judges and law enforcement officials. Gansler will review the messages, which were circulated on government computers, and determine whether any of those involved broke the law. "We will take the facts wherever they lead us," Gansler said. "And if crimes are uncovered, we will prosecute them. . . . We have no baggage. We have no preconceived notions other than to do our job and do it well." Read more
Pennsylvania's budget stalemate has now entered its sixth month, with few new details about what a deal might look like or when a spending plan could be in place. "The devil is in the details," said Rep. Gene DiGirolamo (R., Bucks). "And we haven't gotten details." Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, and Republican leaders in the legislature have projected optimism, but rank-and-file members are wondering what they might eventually vote on, and when. "You feel like you're left in the dark," said Scott Petri, a Republican from Bucks County. Read more
Fox 29 is expanding its popular "Good Day Philadelphia" to the weekends. The change is slated to start this weekend, from 8 to 10 a.m. Saturdays and 8 to 9 a.m. Sundays. Karen Hepp, Bill Anderson and Dave Warren will continue their weekend shifts, while join the main cast during the week. Weekday hosts Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley, as well as weather anchor Sue Serio and traffic reporter Bob Kelly, will also participate in weekend segments. Read more
A driver and passenger passenger died after crashing head-on into a school bus in Burlington County on Tuesday. Police said the two men inside the Volkswagon Passat were killed when they collided with the bus in Southampton Township, which was carrying members of the Lenape High School swim team to a meet. Eight of the 20 students on the bus were treated for minor injuries. The car, whose occupants have not yet been identified, was apparently traveling at a high speed and crossed into the bus' lane, police said. Read more
The trial of the South Philadelphia man accused of killing Minnesota teaching student Beau Zabel for his iPod in 2008 is underway. Prosecutor Tracie Gaydos told jurors in her opening statement that thorough detective work and Marcellus Jones' admissions to friends and family would prove that Jones fatally shot the 23-year-old Zabel on June 15, 2008. Defense attorney Richard Giuliani, however, countered that the jury would not hear "one bit of physical evidence linking this case to this man." Read more