The day after the California Supreme Court overturns two state laws banning gay marriage, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi plan to wed. The betrothal will be announced on Ellen's talk fest today.

Well, that's grand. It's good for the gays. It's good for the wedding industry. It's good for the economy. Think of all those Hers and Hers towels. And it's great for the country's happiness index.

And I love a good gay wedding. One of the best ceremonies I ever attended was the commitment ceremony of possibly Philadelphia's tallest gay couple.

Still, I fear this is going to be bad for politics.

Just as gender, race and elitism have been injected into the endless democratic primary season -- as Jon Stewart puts it, The Long Flat Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March to the White House -- gay marriage may reappear as an issue in the general.

Please, no.

Let's not have an acid flashback to bad political tactics of elections past. Ellen and Portia can be married in California without threatening the personal liberties of voters elsewhere.

The couple should be able to have their wedding cake, eat it, and store it in their Sub-Zero for as long as they both shall live.