Facebook's news feed is competitive. The platform's 3 billion or so users vie daily for your attention to spend time with their content.

Last week's announcement of the platform's new algorithmic shift – a decision to favor posts from friends and family over media content – was another example of that. This means you'll likely see less content from news publishers like us, and more updates from family members. This might include baby and wedding photos, but also stories from news outlets that your Facebook friends have chosen to share.

A recent Pew study states that 62% of U.S. adults get their news from Facebook—but many publishers see that they get the biggest boost from the social media juggernaut when individuals share stories that are compelling to them personally. (Remember the shampoo commerical where one shopper told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on? It's like that.)

This isn't the first time Facebook made adjustments to its algorithm. It's a routine tweak to ensure users spend more time on the platform with the content they enjoy most.

The most recent shift, however, could make it more likely for you to miss out on important news—when it's shared by publishers. If you're one of the 200,000 combined Facebook users from the Philly.com, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Philadelphia Daily News brands who desire to keep us in your news feed, here's how you can do that in four easy steps:

1. Navigate to your desired Facebook page

2. Be sure you have "Liked" the page

3. Using the same button to "Like" the page, click the downward arrow to navigate to the "In your newsfeed" option. There you will see two options: "See First" and "Default"

4. Click the "See First" option

You're able to select up to 30 people or pages to "See First." Just know that Facebook does not rank your selections in any particular order.

That's it!