Consider it a final holiday gift: Mild-for-winter weather is forecast for Philadelphians heading to New Year's Eve parties and fireworks, and the Mummers Parade on New Year's Day.

The National Weather Service says to expect mostly sunny skies both Saturday and Sunday, with high temperatures around 44 and 49 degrees, respectively.

Both days, especially Sunday, should be solidly warmer than average. The normal high temperature for New Year's is about 41 degrees, according to weather service data.

Mostly cloudy skies are expected overnight as 2016 turns to 2017. Overnight low temperatures in the mid 30s are forecasted for Saturday into Sunday.

New Year's Eve revelers should be aware of a slight chance of showers late Saturday or early Sunday. There's also a chance of rain Sunday night.

Those clouds will likely mar any chance of viewing Comet 45P, which is set to appear near the moon on New Year's Eve. In a clear sky, the comet would be visible with a telescope or binoculars.