Philadelphia fans don't like Joe Buck.

In fact, the venom he received from Phillies fans while he was in town calling a game against the Red Sox last year caused him to walk away from Twitter for more than a year.

"[I've] done Phillies in the World Series both winning and losing, and when they're losing it sounds like everything you say is a complete slam on the city of Philadelphia's Ben Franklin himself," Buck told Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitch in a podcast last year.

But here's a story about a young Joe Buck that might cause even the most rabid hater to think about the Fox Sports announcer differently, which he revealed on a recent episode of the NFL Network's "Dave Dameshek Football Program."

During Buck's first year in the booth for Fox, the then-25-year-old announcer was calling a Packers-Falcons regular-season game in which the first half seemed to drag on forever.

"We had only a 30-second break left," Buck said. "It was a game in Milwaukee where the Packers would play one game a year, and the booth was nowhere near the bathroom."

Buck said someone handed him a water bottle, which he quickly slapped away. Instead, he found a trash can with a bag, kicked out a female employee and prepared to relieve himself before being hit by a bout of stage fright.

"I can't go because I've got people around me, and I finally start with like 10 seconds left coming back from the break," Buck said.

Unfortunately for Buck, as soon as they came back from the break, Packers quarterback Brett Favre threw a quick touchdown pass to Shannon Sharpe, forcing Buck to call it for millions of people to hear while peeing in a trash can.

Listen to the call:

"I kept it within the can," Buck boasted as former NFL players Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew mocked the Fox announcer, pointing out he would have never made it in the league if relieving himself in front of others made him uncomfortable.

"There are so many things keeping me out of playing in the league, peeing on command is low on the list," Buck noted.