ABOVE: Mayor-elect Jim Kenney in outtakes from his campaign's television advertisement video shoots. (Warning: If you find it offensive watching a mayor-elect curse like a sailor, then this isn't for you.)

Jim Kenney, who will be sworn in as Philadelphia mayor Jan. 4, takes pride in his man-of-the-people approach to leadership and politics.

South Philly roots. Son of a firefighter. Rants and raves like everyone else on Twitter. And so on and so on.

It was a theme throughout his very successful run for office this year. And the voters showed their appreciation by electing him overwhelmingly, across the city's social and economic spectrums.

In what is probably Kenney's last campaign email before he takes office next week, the mayor-elect promised one final time that he'll remain the same, old Jimmy.

Here's what he wrote:

One question I hear all the time: “When are you going to get your twitter feed back?”
Guys, it’s still me tweeting. Really. And in case you were worried the “real” Jim Kenney was going to disappear once I took office, here’s a little New Year’s Eve present for you.
Best wishes for a happy New Year!

It should be an interesting next four (ahem, eight) years at Philadelphia City Hall.