Shoppers at a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart got a holiday surprise this week, after a mysterious donor paid off nearly $50,000 in layaway items.

Someone known only as "Santa B" paid off the accounts of nearly 200 shoppers at the store in Everett, Bedford County, according to news reports.

A Wal-Mart spokeswoman told CNBC this is the third year in a row Santa B has paid off layaway accounts – which financially strapped shoppers can use to pay for goods incrementally – at one of the retail giant's Pennsylvania stores.

This year's donation of $46,265.59 was the person's largest ever, the news outlet reported.

The secret Santa's staff typically calls the store a few days in advance, then gets the final amount of money needed shortly before the check is delivered, Wal-Mart told CNBC.

The Wal-Mart layaway payoff wasn't the only big gift from an anonymous Santa in western Pennsylvania this week. At an elementary school in Herminie, Westmoreland County, a mystery donor paid off students' outstanding meal accounts.