It looks like the Grinch may have ruined the holidays once again.

With Christmas less than a week away, angry parents have flooded the Facebook page of the Neshaminy Mall to complain that the classic Dr. Seuss character was a no-show at a photo shoot they paid for.

Lisa Kots was furious when she showed up to the mall with her 8-year-old daughter, only to discover the Grinch wasn't there.

"You were quick to take my $38 but didn't have the consideration to send an email out to all of the families alerting them to this change?" Kots posted on the Neshaminy Mall's Facebook page.

Another parent, Sarah Jones, said she spent $37.09 for photos with her daughter, and is upset that no one from the mall has contacted her about obtaining a refund.

"There are many people on here who are hurt, angry and aggravated and want answers and their money back," Jones wrote. "Give us an answer!!"

Frank Schrader complained that it took him 40 minutes to travel to the mall with his kids to see the Grinch, only to find out when he arrived that the character wouldn't be appearing.

"I just want to thank you for wasting my time," Schrader posted.

A pet night with the Grinch, which had been scheduled for Monday night, has also been canceled, and all posts referencing the Grinch have been removed from the mall's Facebook page.

It is unclear why the mall suddenly pulled the Grinch from its lineup. No reason was posted on the mall's website or social media platforms.

"Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Grinch will no longer be making any appearances. We apologize for the inconvenience," a mall representative wrote in a comment on Facebook.

Officials at the mall have not responded to requests for comment.

World Wide Photography, which processes photos for the mall, said people seeking refunds should call 1-800-768-3987.