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Poll: The people and stories that shaped 2016

Chime in with your votes and opinions on 9 simple questions on the year that was.

All right, 2016, please get in our rearview mirrors already.

But before we fondly bid adieu, dear readers, do us a quick solid and take some time to remember and recap a remarkable year ­– all the good, bad, ugly and indifferent, both in the wide range of stories we covered and personified in the complex cast of characters we examined, profiled or simply ran across in our passionate, steadfast observation of the world's greatest city. (Uh, yeah, we mean Philadelphia!) We need YOUR input to help decide on the pieces and people that made their mark - or left a scar - on 2016 in ways we'll all be feeling long after Baby New Year's all good and grown.

Please chime in with your votes/opinions on nine simple questions on the year that was. (You can even write in your own answer if you don't like our choices.)

Voting will be open until Sunday, Dec. 25. We'll reveal your picks in the Daily News – and right here on, of course - next week, before 2016 comes to a close.

Thank you in advance. And we've three rules to follow: Be honest. Be civil. And have fun!