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Professor jailed for N.J. bear hunt protests

A New York psychology professor will be spending part of his winter break in jail after he was sentenced Thursday for ignoring authorities while protesting New Jersey's bear hunt.

Bill Crain, 72, of Dutchess County, New York, will spend 10 days in the Sussex County jail, according to a story on

Crain, who has been arrested seven times, admitted he refused to go to an area set aside for protesters during the six-day October hunt and instead walked along a road where the hunters bring their catch. A total of  623 bears were killed, including Pedals, the famous bi-pedal bear.

Crain pleaded his case before Andover Township Municipal Court Judge James Devine, saying the bears were defenseless, according to CBS New York.

"Bears, like humans, have families, emotions, and individual personalities. Like us, each bear wants to live," Crain was quoted as saying.

Crain was fined $750 in addition to his jail term.