Immigrant-rights and minority-rights activists held a "Defy Trump, Defend Philly, Expand Sanctuary" rally at Philadelphia City Hall on Thursday afternoon.

"There are more threats that we're facing than just deportation," Erika Almirón, executive director of the South Philadelphia-based group Juntos, said in a statement. "To continue to be a sanctuary under the Trump regime means confronting ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] as well as stopping stop and frisk."

The rally began about 2 p.m. on the east side of City Hall, at Broad and Market Streets. In addition to Juntos, it was organized by Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild (POWER), the Black and Brown Workers Collective, and another advocacy group called Mijente.

Speakers called for an end to stop-and-frisk in Philadelphia, for an end to all "policing policies that profile black, brown and/or Muslim community members" and for protections for transgender people, the organizers said in the statement.

The rally comes at a time when President Trump "continues to view communities and the world as threats to deal with militarily," and Philadelphia residents and others are gathering in the city for a two-day strategy session, organizers said.

Calling Mayor Kenney "a national leader on protecting the constitution and Philadelphia's immigrant community," organizers said they will present more steps that the mayor and City Council can take to build on protections already created to ensure that Philadelphia is a safer city for immigrants and other minorities. The steps are inspired by a new national report by Mijente, called "What Makes a City a Sanctuary Now."

The event is not the only demonstration scheduled for Philadelphia Thursday: A separate "Stand Against Hate" rally, spurred by recent vandalism at a Jewish cemetery, was held at noon on Independence Mall.