If you watched Saturday night's Republican debate, you probably noticed that nearly every time Donald Trump talked, the audience booed. The crowd's negative reactions towards Trump stood out so much, it led to a spike in Google searches:

Yet as the audience threw verbal cabbage at Trump, they were cheering and applauding candidates Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.

So what gives?

According to Vox, instead of filling out the audience with a lottery system used in previous debates, the Republican Party packed the room with officials and voters who overwhelmingly dislike Trump and support more mainstream establishment candidates.

WYFF 4, an NBC affiliate in Greenville, S.C., report that GOP leaders claimed their decision to abandon the lottery system was due the small size of the venue.

"If we had not had it at the Peace Center we probably would have had more people come, but the Peace Center is the venue that CBS chose," said Chad Groover, chairman of the Greenville County Republican party.

Despite some tickets going to the candidates, Breitbart News reported the more than half the available tickets went to party officials to hand out.

Requests for comment from the National Republican Party were not immediately returned.

Trump wasn't the only person to hear it from the crowd Saturday night. CBS moderator John Dickerson was booed harshly for correcting Ted Cruz after the senator claimed it had been 80 years since a Supreme Court justice had been confirmed in an election year.

As the Associated Press noted, Anthony Kennedy was confirmed by the Senate on Feb. 3, 1988, in the final year of Ronald Reagan's presidency, by a 97-0 vote. That was a presidential election year.