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State supervisor sets up employee to rob a bank, claims it was a joke

A Pennsylvania Department of Revenue supervisor has been charged with setting up a staffer to unknowingly rob a bank as a joke.

Gladys Smith claimed she was playing trick on Sharon Mingle, an employee, when she gave her a note to turn in to a PSECU credit union teller last Friday morning, according to PennLive.

Within three minutes, about 10 Capitol police officers swarmed the scene with lights and sirens blaring, after the teller punched the panic alarm, the story said.

A surprised Mingle was arrested and told police she simply followed Smith's orders. When questioned by police, Smith admitted she set up Mingle.

Smith was charged with disorderly conduct. Mingle wasn't charged.

A Department of Revenue spokesperson could not be reached for comment, and neither could Mingle nor Smith, PennLive said.