The autopilot feature was not activated when a Tesla Model X got into a crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike this month, the company says.

CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that the vehicle's records showed it wasn't in the self-driving mode:

Driver Albert Scaglione had reportedly told police that he activated the automated system before the July 1 rollover accident on the turnpike in Bedford County.

A Tesla representive told CNN Money that the autopilot system disengaged because the driver's hands weren't on the wheel. The driver was instructed to retake the wheel and did so 11 seconds before the crash, according to the company.

"Over 10 seconds and approximately 300m later and while under manual steering control, the driver drifted out of the lane, collided with a barrier, overcorrected, crossed both lanes of the highway, struck a median barrier, and rolled the vehicle," Tesla told CNN.

The account by Tesla came the same day Consumer Reports called on the company to stop calling the system autopilot – saying it gives motorists too much trust in the car – and to disable the feature until it has been updated to make sure a driver's hands stay on the wheel.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been investigating the turnpike crash.