Jasmyn Wright, a third-grade teacher at Frederick Douglass Mastery Charter School in Philadelphia, was surprised when a video she posted on her Facebook  page showing her leading her students in a chant of "I'm going to push though" in the face of adversity went viral after the election.

As of Friday, it had 3.5 million views.

That caught the attention of the folks at the 'Today' show and on Friday she made a surprise guest appearance to lead hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie in an inspirational chant.

"When your alarm goes off at three in the morning?" she said.
"I'm going to push through!" the hosts shouted.
"When the coffee in your cup is just too cold?"
"I'm going to push through!"
"When your teleprompter makes a mistake?"
"I'm going to push through!"
"And if you ever feel like you're going to give up?"
"I'm going to push through!"
"Now give yourselves a hug," Wright concluded.

She told the hosts her mother  was her main inspiration and that she was supported by the "affirmation of my church family."