The musical chairs in Philadelphia TV continues.

FOX 29 weatherman Dave Warren not only announced he was leaving the station, he already's started his new job at CBS4 in Miami.

"My planned start date was in November, but with the recent storm I am here now," Warren shared on his Facebook page late Thursday night, just as Miami dodged a bullet named Hurricane Matthew.

"I will miss Philadelphia, a place I called home and will continue to do so the rest of my life," Warren said. "I am looking forward to the new challenges that the tropics will present to me with a great team that has been nothing but supportive in getting me down here right away."

Unlike his stint at NBC10, Warren was able to announce his departure from FOX 29 before the station started running promos where he was conspicuously omitted (or advertise for an open meteorologist position while he was still employed).

Warren isn't the only departure from FOX 29. Good Day Philadelphia news co-anchor Chris Murphy also took to Facebook to announce he was leaving the station. Murphy joined FOX 29 in 2013 after stints with a couple television stations in San Diego, and according to fellow co-host Lauren Johnson, that's where he's headed.

Warren is the second meteorologist to say good-bye to Philadelphia this week. On Monday, NBC10's popular meteorologist Sheena Parveen announced she was leaving the station at the end of the year to take a new job at NBC4 in Washington, D.C.