The video is just creepy.

About 18 or so wild turkeys were recorded circling a dead cat lying in the middle of a suburban Boston road on Thursday.

The 24-second video has gone viral and while the speculation on the internet ranges from a strange occult ritual to something from a bad horror movie, the explanation may be a bit simpler.

"A turkey likely moved in to inspect the dead animal and as they often do another followed and they got stuck playing follow-the-leader," said Dan Thomas, VIREO Collection & Intellectual Property Rights Manager at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia.

The birds are used to following each other. After they have their young, females will group together, mix their clutch of young, and follow one another from one food source to the next, Thomas said.

Thomas said the birds in the video look like they are accustomed to living around people and were likely curious.

"A wild bird in the woods probably would never get that close to it," he said.

Turkeys are "very wary birds in the wild," said Thomas. "They don't appear to be exceptionally bright; it's a large bird with an acorn size brain."

After they all circled around the carcass once the birds probably moved on, he said.