Reviews of the Eagles-Jaguars third preseason game are still rolling in. Here's what they're saying about the Eagles this morning...

» READ MORE: Eagles' newfangled offense unable to rack up touchdowns on Jaguars - Jason La Canfora, CBS

I thought this would be a mismatch. Chip Kelly's hyper-speed offense against a Jaguars' defense that hemorrhaged yards and points a year ago and stands to struggle plenty this season as well.

Seemed like the perfect coming out party for the Eagles' attack in the final real tune-up before the regular season. And while Philadelphia did move the ball effectively, Kelly's offense was hardly unstoppable, bogging down in the red zone and suffering from some mistakes. If anything, it heightened some issues with personnel in the passing game --with a receiver unit plagued by injuries this preseason -- and a lack of favorable matchups when the field got smaller.

Jimmy note: Lol. They scored 31 points, and would have had another TD if Bryce Brown hadn't fumbled through the end zone. They also racked up 452 yards against the Jags, and they're in the top 5 in the NFL in passing yards, rushing yards, and total yards on the preseason. And finally, there's a lot of print noting that the Eagles don't have a complementary receiver, but somehow Riley Cooper's red zone TD went unmentioned, as did the 22 passes completed to players not named DeSean Jackson.

La Canfora's point that the Eagles' red zone effeciency could be improved is well taken, but his piece is oddly overly critical of a unit that has been extremely promising through three preseason games. I mean, it's not like the Eagles are some juggernaut where you would dig to find holes to nitpick. They went 4-12 last season. Seems to me like their offensive output has been encouraging.

» READ MORE: Eagles cut 12 players, including Kenny Phillips - BGN

There's some analysis on the cuts in the link above, but here are the players the Eagles said goodbye to yesterday:

  • TE Derek Carrier

  • LB Jamar Chaney

  • DE Eddie McClam

  • WR Nick Miller

  • S Kenny Phillips

  • T Nic Purcell

  • DE/OL Isaac Remington

  • TE Will Shaw

  • DT Daryell Walker

  • CB Eddie Whitley (waived/injured)

  • LS James Winchester

  • P Brad Wing

No surprises.

» READ MORE: No-22: What We Saw From the Eagles’ Offense - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7

The Eagles' first-team offense had eight possessions Saturday night against the Jaguars.

The results? A touchdown, three field goals, two punts and two turnovers. Not disastrous, but certainly a bit choppy.

Here's the No-22 breakdown of some of the things we saw after re-watching.

» READ MORE: Eagles defense has a hard time stopping the run - Jeff McLane, Inquirer

Opposing offenses have averaged 174.7 yards a game and 5.8 yards a carry through three games.

» READ MORE: Roster Perspective - Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

We all agree that the Eagles have holes on the roster. You do need to understand that some of those holes will be there in January.

It would be great if Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly could magically drive down to the Player Store, wheel on over to the Safety aisle and shop away, but that doesn't exist. They can only deal with available players. The guys who are available now or who will be available next weekend are on the street for a reason. Someone else rejected them.

Occasionally you can find a player who was cut and he's the right fit for your team, but mostly you're dealing with players whose flaws will limit them to being backups and role players. The Eagles have had scouts studying the other 31 teams. They focus on players who are 3rd year or younger. They also check out select veterans who might be cut and of interest.

» READ MORE: Eagles should deal Foles now while his value is high - Mark Eckel,

Foles, who was nearly perfect Saturday night against a bunch of guys who will be selling insurance or teaching phys ed in the Jacksonville area by the end of the week, just might have some value around the league.

So why not take advantage of it if you're an Eagles team who needs help on defense the way the city of Trenton needs more police officers.

Jimmy note: No, the Eagles should not trade Nick Foles. Here's why:

  1. Because the QB position is the most important position in sports.

  2. Because trading for a defensive player isn't exactly a sure thing. See: R-C, D. It's even less of a sure thing two weeks before the season begins.

  3. Because Michael Vick is in the final year of his contract.

  4. Because Michael Vick is 33.

  5. Because Michael Vick is not even close to a sure thing (even for just one season), as he has confirmed throughout his entire career.

  6. Because Michael Vick is injury prone.

  7. Because Matt Barkley isn't anywhere near Foles at this point in their careers.

  8. And most importantly... Because Foles can play, and trading away QBs who can play just because their stock went up a fraction of a tick in the 4th quarter of a preseason game is bad business.

...unless of course you can get a first round pick for Foles, in which case... sure.

But that's not happening.

» READ MORE: Is Bryce Brown expendable? - James Keane, BGN

Bryce Brown fumbled, again.  This time, not only did it cost the Philadelphia Eagles a possession, it cost them points.  He took the ball from Jacksonville's 26 yard line, ran 23 yards, then lost the ball at the three yard line.  The ball subsequently travelled through the end zone for a touchback.  Points lost.  And it could have been worse.  The Jaguars drove down the field only to miss a 47 yard field goal (queue Chip Kelly: It's not how about the turnovers, but how we respond to them).  Yes, it's only the preseason, but last night's fumble continues an alarming trend for the second year running back.  Bryce Brown simply cannot take care of the football.

» READ MORE: Report: Bills fear Kevin Kolb’s concussion may be career-ending - Michael David Smith, PFT

The news on Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb, who left Saturday's preseason game with a head injury, appears to be very bad.

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports that the Bills are concerned Kolb's concussion may be career-ending, and they're proceeding with that in mind.

» READ MORE: Stevie Brown has torn ACL, out for N.Y. Giants' season - Gregg Rosenthal,

This leaves the Giants very thin at safety.


In case you missed it at the Red Zone...

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