The "Nick Foles Owns the Bucs (and maybe the Universe)" Award: Nick Foles

Here is what Nick Foles has done to the Bucs the last two seasons:

Foles was great this afternoon. It's absolutely fair to wonder if the Eagles are better off with him as their starter going forward.

Also, his swag factor is up yet again this week, this time by 18.3%. A few weeks ago, Foles added a visor. This week, he played with a sweet pink receiver glove on his non-throwing hand. What's next? Tribal tattoos? Face paint? Mohawk? #FolesSwag!

The "Who's That Guy Wearing #14" Award: Riley Cooper

There were two bigtime plays from Cooper today. On his long TD reception, Cooper did a great job giving a little subtle push off on Johnthan Banks, creating separation so he could make the catch. He also had an un-Riley-like long catch-and-run on a quick hitter.

In the first 5 games, Cooper had 8 catches for 93 yards and a TD.

Against the Bucs, he had 4 catches for 120 yards and a TD.

The "Time of Possession Only Matters When it Matters" Award: The Eagles run game

The Eagles lost the time of possession battle 33:46 to 26:14. However, when the Eagles got the ball with 8:06 left and an 8 point lead in the 4th quarter, they put together the following drive:

Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, offsides penalty, run, run, run, FG.

They burned 5:29 off the clock, got the Bucs to use all 3 of their timeouts, and extended their lead to 2 scores. Tremendous.

The "Juqua Parker School of Discipline" Award: The Buccaneers' defensive line

Remember when Juqua Parker jumped offsides on 4th down against the Bills a couple years ago? Other teams do stupid things too.

The Contested Pass Award: Bradley Fletcher

Fletcher had 5 pass breakups last week in New Jersey. He had several more today, and an INT. Fletcher is looking like he was a good, low cost pickup in free agency this offseason.

The DeSean Jackson Award for Mid-Round Steals in Your Fantasy Football League: Me

Self-serving pat on the back alert: All throughout training camp, I pointed out that DeSean Jackson was going to have a big season. For one, he looked fantastic in camp, but it was also likely that opposing defenses were no longer going to be able to park their safeties 20 yards off the line of scrimmage with the Eagles' potent running attack under Chip Kelly. I hope you were listening.

On average, DeSean was 26th WR drafted in CBS fantasy football leagues. He was drafted 27th on average in ESPN's. For the season, DeSean has 34 catches for 589 yards and 5 TDs. He's on pace for 91 catches, 1571 yards, and 13 TDs. He's killing it this season... and we get another DeSean dance this week:

The "Bryce Brown Bounces Everything to the Outside" Award: Bryce Brown

Seriously, Bryce Brown bounces like EVERY run to the outside.

The "Losing Faith in the Kick Returner" Award: Damaris Johnson

We're at the point where Eagles fans should be happy when the opposing kicker kicks the ball out of the end zone. Otherwise, Johnson is going to field it 8 yards deep, and return it to the 12.

The "So What, Everyone Beats the Bucs" Award: People

The Eagles have beaten 3 teams with a combined record of 1-14, as of this writing. You can either look at it as the Eagles only beating bad teams, or you can look at it as the Eagles beating the teams they should beat. I guess it just depends on whether you're an optimist or a pessimist. To be fair, the Bucs lost 3 of their games by 3 points or less, and the Eagles beat them by 11.

The "Week 6 Kings of the NFC East" Award: The Eagles

The Eagles have sole possession of 1st place in the NFC East, at least until around midnight tonight, when Cowboys-Redskins game will just about be over. Of course, leading your division at this point in the season means squadoosh, as Chip Kelly noted a couple weeks ago. Still, if the Redskins lose, they'll be in a huge hole at 1-4, with 2 division losses. If the Cowboys lose, the Eagles will be up a game in the NFC East.

It's win-win, really, and watching two hated rivals beat up on each other is so much sweeter after an Eagles win.