2017 ALL-Bicentennial Athletic League Baseball Team

Independence Division

Co-MVPs: Peyton Birch, Holy Ghost Prep and Kyle Wenclawiak, MaST

Coach of the year: Tony Vlahovic, New Hope-Solebury

First Team

Pitcher Peyton Birch Holy Ghost Prep Senior

Pitcher Matt Benda New Hope-Solebury Junior

Pitcher Kyle Wenclawiak MaST Senior

Catcher Danny Doherty New Hope-Solebury Senior

First Base Jimmy Loftus Devon Prep Senior

Second Base Tyler Wright Devon Prep Junior

Shortstop Twon Bell VFMA Junior

Connor Duddy Lower Moreland Freshman

Outfield John McCrane Holy Ghost Prep Senior

Outfield Kevin Dougherty New Hope-Solebury Junior

Outfield T.J. O'Reilly Devon Prep Senior

Outfield Brett Sternberg Holy Ghost Prep Junior

Utility Matt Carter MaST Senior

DH Jared Minnichbach Holy Ghost Prep Freshman

Second Team

Pitcher Tucker Wittman New Hope-Solebury Junior

Pitcher Greg Wenclawiak MaST Senior

Pitcher Nick Ramanjulu Devon Prep Junior

Catcher Jack Lawson MaST Junior

First Base Brendan Shadle New Hope-Solebury Senior

Second base Jordan Leiber Lower Moreland Junior

Shortstop Andrew Czachor Devon Prep Sophomore

Third Base Peyton Birch Holy Ghost Prep Senior

Outfield Sehoon Byun VFMA Sophomore

Outfield Lance Farlow MaST Freshman

Outfield Mark Seibert Holy Ghost Prep Junior

Utility Tucker Wittman New Hope-Solebury Junior

DH Devin Mood Lower Moreland Senior

Presidents Division

MVP: Daniel Sabath, Dock Mennonite

Coach of the year: Eddie Melendez, Dock Mennonite

First Team

Pitcher Daniel Sabath Dock Mennonite Senior

Pitcher David Keller Dock Mennonite Junior

Pitcher Colt Bower Morrisville Senior

Catcher Zach Lomas Calvary Christian Senior

First Base Justin Burkholder Dock Mennonite Senior

Second Base Sam Gwiazdzinski Dock Mennonite Senior

Shortstop Andrew Walters Dock Mennonite Senior

Third Base Nolan Bolton Dock Mennonite Sophomore

Outfield Ryan Nichols Dock Mennonite Senior

Outfield Cody Moorhatch Delco Christian Senior

Outfield Tyler Rossini Delco Christian Sophomore

Utility Matt Deitz Calvary Christian Senior

DH Hunter Doyle Calvary Christian Sophomore

Second Team

Pitcher Austin Funair Bristol Junior

Pitcher Penn Schmidt Delco Christian Senior

Pitcher Matt Futer Calvary Christian Junior

Catcher Tyler Gonzalez Bristol Freshman

First Base Xavier Corbin Bristol Junior

Second Base Jarrett Wagner Bristol Junior

Shortstop Matt Futer Calvary Christian Junior

Third Base Nick Kremer Morrisville Senior

Outfield Wellington Cedeno Church Farm Junior

Outfield Harrison Moyer Dock Mennonite Junior

Outfield Connor Schnable Dock Mennonite Senior

Utility Nate Carroll Delco Christian Senior

Constitution Division

MVP: Brock Hewitt, Plumstead Christian

Coach of the year: Bill Weaver, Plumstead Christian

First Team

Pitcher John Contoudis Jenkintown Senior

Pitcher Brock Hewitt Plumstead Christian Senior

Pitcher Andy Ennis Phil-Mont Christian Senior

Catcher Alec Griffin Jenkintown Senior

First Base Michael DiValentino Jenkintown Senior

Second Base Brendon Meyer Plumstead Christian Junior

Shortstop DJ Cesario Faith Christian Junior

Third Base Carter Heller Faith Christian Sophomore

Outfield Ben Weaver Plumstead Christian Sophomore

Outfield David Forscht Faith Christian Junior

Outfield Christian Roberts Plumstead Christian Senior

Outfield Tim Nice Faith Christian Senior

Utility Parker Cury Faith Christian Freshman

DH Gavin Lafferty Jenkintown Senior

Second Team

Pitcher Jameson Kolb Jenkintown Senior

Pitcher Carter Heller Faith Christian Sophomore

Pitcher Josiah Smith Faith Christian Sophomore

Catcher Westin Blatner Calvary Baptist Seni

First Base Jake Sitkowski The Christian Academy Senior

Second Base Jameson Kolb Jenkintown Senior

Shortstop Andy Ennis Phil-Mont Christian Senior

Third Base Austin Pfaff Plumstead Christian Junior

Outfield Luke Faucette Calvary Baptist Sophomore

Outfield Jake McGrath Jenkintown Senior

Utility Carter Heller Faith Christian Sophomore

DH Josiah Smith Faith Christian Sophomore

Honorable Mention

Pitcher Chris Thompson New Hope-Solebury Senior

Pitcher Sean Moran MaST Sophomore

Catcher Phil Stahl Holy Ghost Prep Sophomore

Catcher Luke Piontek Devon Prep Junior

Catcher Pat Bradshaw VFMA Senior

Catcher Artie Michael Plumstead Senior

First Base Josh Ruch Plumstead Senior

First Base Eric Schwarz Lower Moreland Senior

First Base Joe Jacobs Morrisville Senior

First Base Coby Brenner Church Farm Senior

Shortstop Steve Kozlowski Jenkintown Junior

Shortstop George Delgado Bristol Sophomore

Third Base Matt Disisto VFMA Sophomore

OF Paul Neives Bristol Freshman

OF Brian Miller Dock Mennonite Senior

OF Ryan Orr Phil-Mont Christian Sophomore

OF Jason Crouch Calvary Christian Senior

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