Maurice Cheeks has carefully given every player a look through the first four games of the preseason. That's not going to happen when the ball goes up for real Oct. 29.

There will only be room for a limited number, perhaps nine men in the rotation.

"By the first game, I'll make a decision about who's going to play,'' said Cheeks, the 76ers' coach. ''I'm not going to try and fit two minutes here or there for a guy. I'm going to stick with (a rotation). If one isn't playing well, then I'll go to someone else.''

So who plays? Who sits? Who wears street clothes?

The Sixers have 16 players, including the injured Jason Smith, and at least one has to go. The NBA limit is 15, with 12 in uniform.

Unless we've all been missing something, the starters will be forwards Elton Brand and Thaddeus Young, center Samuel Dalembert and guards Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala.

The rotation guys: Figure forward Reggie Evans, center Theo Ratliff, forward/guard Kareem Rush, guard Lou Williams.

If there's a ''spot'' guy (much as Kevin Ollie was in previous seasons): Perhaps it's Royal Ivey, Willie Green or Donyell Marshall.

If there' s a guy forcing his way into playing time: It's Marreese Speights.

If he makes the team, he'll be in street clothes: Jared Reiner.

One more guy in street clothes: That could change from game to game.

Likely cut: Antywane Robinson.