Stan Van Gundy was on Dan LeBatard's show, where he said that while in the Bahamas for the Battle for Atlantis, he hit a water park with his kids between games.

Despite previous statements about not taking his shirt off in public, Van Gundy enjoyed a variety of the park's amenities, but not the famous water slide through the shark tank. When asked by LeBatard and co-host Jon "Stugotz" Weiner why he didn't, the former Magic coach said another group of patrons were having fun.

It was Jay Wright and his Villanova Wildcats, fresh off their big win over then No. 2 Kansas, and just hours before they would face No. 23 Iowa, who they also beat.

How 'bout this, so

Van Gundy: "They're playing their third game in three days and Villanova's playing for the championship that night. On Saturday during the day, Jay Wright, Villanova took his entire team to the slide and they all went down the slide."

LeBatard: "I imagine Jay Wright doing the slide in full suit... "

Worked like a charm, it seems, as the Wildcats celebrated the widespread effectiveness of water slides as a means of warming up for sports in the form of taking home the trophy hours later.

NCAA is currently looking into water slides being used as performance enhancers.