Temple's attitude when it comes to Big 12 expansion is that all it wants is a chance to be in the room and make its case.

That is apparently ready to happen.

ESPN reported that the Big 12 will conduct video conference interviews with 17 schools that have contacted the conference about being considered as expansion candidates.


A Temple source confirmed that the Owls do expect to go through the process, but that they have not yet been contacted about a date when it will occur.

Still, this is all Temple wants is a chance to explain why the Owls would be a viable choice for the Big 12.

While there are many that don't give Temple's candidacy much chance, it says here that the Big 12 could do worse than consider a place that sits in the No. 4 television market in the country.

Expansion in any conference is all about television dollars so nobody should simply dismiss that Temple can offer a market with 2.9 million homes.

The argument against Temple is that the football program (and let's face it, this mainly about football) doesn't have a strong enough following.

Yet the program continues to be on the rise. Last year the Owls tied a single-season school record in wins during a 10-4 season. It's possible that this year's version could be even better.

(Temple's following will be determined how the Owls draw for a home schedule that doesn't have the sizzle of last year when Penn State and Notre Dame visited Philadelphia).

Matt Rhule is one of the rising coaches in America and while most figured he would be lured by another school, he's now beginning his fourth season at Temple.

The other sport that matters somewhat when it comes to television dollars is men's basketball and Temple has qualified for the NCAA Tournament in seven of the last 10 years, including this past season.

In addition, Temple has a strong academic reputation and a university that keeps growing. Athletic director Dr. Patrick Kraft said in a story earlier this month that Temple's student body of more than 38,000 would be the second largest in the Big 12.


Make no mistake about it, Temple is a long-shot, but a university insider said that the school just wants to get the chance to make its pitch.

One source suggest that best guess is that the Big 12 will expand by just two teams, which doesn't help Temple. Even if the Big 12 expanded by four, Temple would be considered a long-shot).

Still, BYU may not be the lock it was once considered. Houston, a team receiving heavy traction, would be a solid addition, but would there be resentment from other Big 12 schools from Texas?

There are plenty of other candidates and the competition will be fierce and that is if the Big 12 does expand at all. Nothing is certain at this point.

What is certain is that Temple will get be in the room, even though the room may be in Philadelphia via video conference. It doesn't matter. This underdog simply wants a shot and now it's up to the Owls to run with the ball.