INDIANAPOLIS -- The Eagles will draft No. 14 overall in the NFL draft in April after winning a coin toss against the Indianapolis Colts at the scouting combine on Friday.

In an event that drew fans to the bleachers and a live online audience, the NFL held a coin flip between the Colts and the Minnesota Vikings to decide which team would have the Nos. 14 and 15 picks because both teams finished with the same record and strength of schedule. The Vikings traded their pick to the Eagles, so the Eagles were the beneficiaries of the coin toss.

Former NFL offensive lineman Will Shields flipped the coin, which had a Vikings logo on one side and a Colts logo on the other.

A large Eagles contingent came to the event, including top executive Howie Roseman, coach Doug Pederson, and personnel chief Joe Douglas. Roseman raised his arms in celebration after the coin landed with a Vikings logo on top.