The Eagles have spoken to teams above them in the draft and below them about trades, Howie Roseman said Monday in an unsurprising comment that could be applied to any April leading to the draft.

But with the Eagles selecting No. 8 and reportedly interested in acquiring the top pick before the Tennessee Titans reached a deal with the Los Angeles Rams last week, the question came up about just how serious the Eagles were in contention for the No. 1 spot.

"I wouldn't consider any discussions [serious] with any teams until you make deals," Roseman said. "I think it's the same discussion with teams behind us. We're having those discussions now. Teams in front us. We just have those conversations internally and weigh the cost-benefit of everything."

The Eagles are spending the next week going through scenarios about what to do depending on what players fall or what teams are willing to move. Roseman said the Eagles are doing their "due diligence." But one problem with moving up is they lack a second-round pick. That was surrendered last year in the trade to acquire Sam Bradford.

"I think having a second-round pick changes a lot of the options," Roseman said. "Certainly, it changes the ammunition that you have if you were thinking about going up."

Roseman called the second round a dead period that is "an ADD round for me" because he's so compelled to try to trade into it and give up a future asset. When the Eagles stack their board, they know there are players between No. 8 and No. 77 that are not options in the third round. The lack of a second-rounder could have hurt them in discussions for the top pick.

"We haven't said that we were looking to move up or move down," Roseman said. "But for us, we stack the players and then figure out our way to get the best players we possibility can. We're excited about picking eighth and the opportunities that will be at the eighth pick."

The Eagles could also move down in the draft to add more picks. Affter packing Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell along with the No. 13 pick to move up eight spots, the Eagles would only move back down if it was an offer they are foolish to turn down. Roseman said the Eagles believe there's a drop-off after the top 10 prospects.

"It's going to have to be good," Roseman said. "It's going to have to be something we feel like we can't turn down. Because we went into that trade for a reason, we've been trying to get up throughout the combine, having those discussions. We gave up two starting players to come up. So for us to come back down, it would have to be something compelling."