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Nick Foles is 'Ram Tough' according to interview

You won't hear any shortage of praise from some areas of Philadelphia sports media on Nick Foles - they have poured on the cliches before and after his sudden departure. Foles' new team, the Rams, have taken the baton and are in a dead sprint to make sure the vibes surrounding their new quarterback are all positive.

The trade that brought Sam Bradford to Philadelphia and sent Foles to his new home continues to flummox analysts, but the Rams don't seem to care, having already released a 45-second highlight reel and trotting out Foles, head coach Jeff Fisher, and GM Les Snead for a press conference in which facial expressions were made.

Foles is now, according to an interview with Jenny Vrentas of Sports Illustrated, 'Ram Tough.' The former Eagles quarterback took the opportunity to set the record straight:

VRENTAS: In 2013 you threw 27 touchdowns and two interceptions. Before you got hurt last season, you threw 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Which of those quarterbacks is the real Nick Foles?

FOLES: Both of them.

Foles, a fine quarterback who Chip Kelly did not feel was the best fit for his system, navigates the questions expertly, using safe answers in response to fairly mundane queries and unraveling an attempt at a rumor that he was "overjoyed" to leave Philadelphia, a city that loves creating villains as strongly as it hates the villains of its own creation.

The question remains on whether or not Sam Bradford is 'Eagle Tough.'