Throughout the NovaCare Complex there are wall-mounted televisions that remind players of the schedule for the day:

A few observations/guesses:

• I wonder what "Corrective Exercises" are. My guess is that it's not actual exercise. Rather, it's a time for players to watch tape of previous practices and correct mistakes. Or it could just be exercise.

• They call practice "Training," although they refer to the period after "Training" (or practice, or whatever) as "Post-Practice/Group Recovery." Contradictory!

• Guessing "Training Prep" is a fancy way of saying "Stretching."

• If you miss the first shuttle at 7:20, I guess you can just get the next one at 7:45? And if in fact you catch the 7:45 shuttle, are you a bad character guy?

• What in the world is a "High Performance Mindset Meeting?"

• Underpants not required.

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