Philadelphia's strong bike culture is very evident on the city streets with people cycling to work and school and hitting the Circuit trails and the Pump Track, but there is a large mountain biking contingent here and in the suburbs as well, and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is celebrating them with a photo contest that runs until Tuesday.

"We began the contest because we wanted to give people the chance to see another side of Philadelphia's bike culture -- and give those people who ride through the Fairmount Park dirt a chance to show off some of Philly's great wooded bike infrastructure," said Randy LoBasso, communications manager at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

Through a partnership with Lone Wolf Cycling, the Coalition is asking you to take snapshots of your rides and post them on social media (or, email them and they will post) for a chance to win a full kit from Lone Wolf Cycling.

Here are the rules:

The deadline for the contest is Tuesday, and then Jason Fritzsche and Tim Woods, co-founders and owners of Lone Wolf Cycling will judge the photos based on uniqueness of the photo of you, your bike and Philadelphia's mountain biking trails.

The winner will be announced Thursday, August 6 at the Coalition's Happy Hour at The Rotisserie at The Porch at 30th Street Station from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. so make sure you come join the fun.  You can RSVP here. Also, feel free to email them at with any questions.

Although this contest has been running since the 22nd, it's not too late to enter. So if you are out on your bike this weekend, get snapping and posting!

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