The runners behind Philadelphia's ODDyssey Half Marathon consulted with some of our best local running authorities and asked each of them to provide their top two tips on how to prepare for the GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon on November 17.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful to all runners, especially those new to the sport, reminding them of the importance of a good training regimen in order to perform at peak level.

Sports Doc will offer tips from a local running expert daily leading up to the event. Today's advice comes from Ross Martinson, owner of Philadelphia Runner.

  • Taper. With 2 weeks to go, don't try to cram in any training you might have missed. It takes two weeks to benefit from a long run or workout, so resting your legs will help on race day more than anything else. No one ever feels they trained enough for the marathon.

  • One mile at a time. At some point, the marathon will feel hard. Focusing on the current mile is easier than contemplating the next 6.

Ross has finished 23rd at the Boston Marathon and has finished in the top five at the Blue Cross Broad Street Run three times with a personal best of 48:58. 

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