Students Run Philly Style just kicked off their 9th season with more than 900 students as part of the program. Since 2004, they have served over 2500 students, ages 12-18 from neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia.

Students Run began as a mentoring program of the National Nursing Centers Consortium fighting childhood obesity through running. With the help of over 200 adult mentors known as "Running Leaders," students connect with adults who help them accomplish goals beyond their dreams, including the completion of a marathon.

The running leaders train side-by-side with their students three days a week from March to November, completing eight races. Currently, Students Run Philly Style is the only program in Philadelphia that offers marathon training to help youth succeed in both running and their daily lives.

Both the student runners and mentors in the Students Run Philly Style program adopt three values to follow—be healthy for life, make safe choices, and do well in school. These values encourage members to fight childhood obesity, spend time after school in a safe environment, and accomplish their goals both in running and school.

There are about 55 teams in the city who train throughout all areas of Philadelphia. Many of the teams are hosted by local schools and hold group runs in the neighborhoods of the schools. Some group runs are held along Kelly Drive and Martin Luther King Drive. Adult volunteers can join Students Run Philly Style by attending the Leaders Training which is held in January.

Interested students can join though their schools and or by contacting the office at

Students Run is currently preparing for their 1st run of the season which is Gener8tion Run, an 8K hosted by Students Run Philly Style at the Navy Yard on April 13th.

For more information check out their website or Facebook page

Contact info: Heather McDanel, Executive Director of Students Run,

Erica (Talley) Johnson, Program Manager,

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