CBS, the supposed fogey network, seems more organized getting people excited on line about their new fall schedule than anybody else. They even offer web surfers a chance to win a new TV just for watching, here. You'd think they would come up with a better prize for getting you to give them all that personal data.

Eye of the Storm offers a chance to watch the shows with no info-dump, but, alas, no prize, either.

My fave, and the one the network says tested higher than anything in 15 years, is Person of Interest. I could watch Lost's Michael Emerson all day, and though I'm not crazy about all the behind-the-scenes commentary in CBS's little previews, I love his description of the series: "an exciting and stylish crime-prevention show." This is the one that knocked CSI off of Thursday nights.

It drives me crazy when cast and producers wax rapturously about how they're all a family and their show is the best experience anyone has ever had, which makes me a little nervous about the Thursday night sitcom How to Be a Gentleman, despite its killer cast. 2 Broke Girls (Mondays) is not a complete washout, but it's another one with a featured vagina joke, and that's never a good sign. Funny, how vagina jokes seem to have replaced penis jokes in TV sitcoms. Is that progress?

I rank The Eye's other two dramas in the OK category, with Unforgettable, which replaces but does not equal The Good Wife, on Tuesdays, coming in a little better than the Friday show, A Gifted Man. That's probably because I'd rather watch Poppy Montgomery, even with her red hair, more than Patrick Wilson. And if this is the first you're reading about the new CBS sked, fear not, Good Wife fans. She'll be back on Sunday nights.

What do you think of the new CBS fall shows?