There is now a product for every woman who covets but does not possess the means to afford a pair of 'Devil Wears Prada' red-bottom Christian Louboutin pumps. The French shoe designer is venturing into the beauty world with the introduction of his new line of nail polish reports Women's Wear Daily. Makes sense considering the rich red lacquer that drenches the soles of each of his shoes.

At $50 a pop and $55 for the necessary care kit, the Louboutin cosmetics brand is sure to be an ultra-luxurious one. In comparison, Tom Ford nail polish is $32 while Chanel shades are listed at $27 on the brand's website.

For the cost, the Christian Louboutin nail polish aims to offer a luxury manicure experience in all aspects, including the product's packaging. The first enamel—naturally, a red—is called Rouge Louboutin and is on sale in the U.S. today at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York. It's packaged in a vampy, black ombré orb with a stiletto-style cap that comes to a point at the top. The tallest of the nail polish tops, the Rouge Louboutin cap matches the height of Louboutin's highest heel ever.

Rouge Louboutin will be available at the rest of the Louboutin distributors on August 6 while the remaining 30 luxury lacquer shades will be available on August 31. Louboutin said the staggered release of polishes is designed to give Rouge Louboutin, the signature shade found on the underside of his shoes, its own marketing time.

Christian Louboutin Beauté, the new cosmetic company, is the result of a partnership between Christian Louboutin and New York based Batallare Beauty.

Enter the Christian Louboutin website to view the Rouge Louboutin promo video, an ethereal depiction of the nail polish's inception.

If you think $50 is too much for nail polish, consider that it's about $600 less than a Louboutin pump and now you have the very shade you need to paint the bottom of your non-Louboutin shoes.