That loose, flabby jiggle beneath our arms, sometimes affectionately referred to as "chicken wings," "bingo wings" and "yoo hoos" (the latter which evokes images of people flailing their arms above their heads as they yell the phrase), has become an increasingly targeted spot requested by patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released its annual report Monday, and among the interesting statistical data left for us to digest, upper arm lifts as a cosmetic procedure have experienced an astounding and "whopping" 4,473 percent growth since 2000. The surgery, which leaves a scar tracing from patients' armpits to elbows, has become exponentially popular in the last decade, and there are key factors involved here.

The ASPS hints at why so many women are joining the craze stating, "Celebrities from the White House to the red carpet may have an influence." They share data from a poll where women rate five celebrities with arms they most admire. The breakdown is not surprising, at all:

Michelle Obama, 31%
Jennifer Aniston, 29%
Jessica Biel, 16%
Kelly Ripa, 13%
Demi Moore, 11%

Botox injections and breast augmentations still remain the most popular procedures. But it looks like arm lifts are gaining clout. What are your thoughts? Would you consider getting this type of plastic surgery to have the First Lady's coveted arms?