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Wynton Marsalis, newsman

CBS has hired a new cultural correspondent. Wynton Marsalis, who started life as a trumpeter, will "provide insight into a broad range of cultural and educational developments" on CBS This Morning and CBS Sunday Morning, the network announced. His first CBS News report is scheduled for Jan. 16.

Marsalis - whose playing signals the open of Sunday Morning - had this to say:

"Walter Cronkite was a jazz fan and a drummer. Ed Bradley was a mentor and treasured friend. I was an unabashed lover of Charles Kuralt's vision of America from the road and Dr. Billy Taylor's jazz segment on 'Sunday Morning' inspired us all. I am honored to be a part of the CBS News family. I look forward to sharing with viewers the incredible variety and richness of our national culture—from ballet to the blues, from barbecue to the backbeat."