The three Drinker's locations have issued the Drinker's Challenge, an eating contest inspired by the show Man Vs. Food.

You have to eat 33 tacos in 13 minutes. And it's free.*

Winners receive a Drinker's T-shirt, a bottle of Joe's taco sauce, and their name on a plaque. They also get to try it again within one week at the other two Drinker's. Should someone complete this trifecta, he or she will get free drinks for a year or $500 in cash.

So far, the restaurant reports, the most consumed has been 17 tacos. Tacos can be either hard or soft and filled with chicken, beef, or beans.  The number 33 was selected at random.

The feat can be attempted daily before 11 p.m. at Drinker's Pub (1903 Chestnut St.), Drinker's Tavern (124 Market St.), or Drinker's West (3900 Chestnut St.).

* And oh yeah: Should you fail in your quest to eat 33, you have to pay $1 a piece for those you do eat.