After a little more than a year, changes are coming to Same Same, the Vietnamese street-food specialist in Northern Liberties.

Chef-owner Chad Kubanoff is planning to transition his two-bell BYOB into a more refined dinner-only restaurant whose cuisine will meld the Vietnamese cooking he learned over there with American cuisine.

The last day is July 17, and a name change is in the works to Tri, the name of the son born a year ago to Kubanoff and his wife, Thuy.

It will open as Tri (614 N. Second St.) in about two weeks.

Kubanoff said he's found that Same Same's business, primarily takeout and delivery, does not require a large dining room. He said he'd rather use the space for a more refined experience.

Among the new dinner dishes he's considering:

Spicy Crispy Chicken (pickled carrots, pickled water celery, mam tom mayo); Charred Squid Salad (pickled onions, candied finger chili, cilantro broth); Grilled Eggplant Salad (green onion confit, toasted peanuts, fried garlic, fish sauce dressing, Thai basil); Crispy Pork Belly Terrine (toasted rice flour, lime syrup, pickled onions, cilantro); Sweet Potato Banh Khot (cream cheese, mint, lemon, and mustard leaf);  Mi Quang (fresh turmeric noodles, master stock, boiled egg, and toasted rice cracker); Fresh Banh Cuon (crab salad, crispy shallots, citrus vinaigrette); and Roasted Rice (herb butter, braised pork belly, seared scallop).