Ting Wong, the Hong Kong-style duck house in Chinatown that closed earlier this month for a renovation and what was billed as the return of the old owners, has reopened.

And if you remember the humble Ting Wong, a part of the 10th Street scene since 1999, you're in for a slight shock.

The ducks are still hanging up front, all right. But there are white tablecloths, a fancy-schmancy tray ceiling ringed with lights that change color, and new menu where the prices are not all $7 and under.

What happened? Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown. Nothing is clear. You ask three people, you get four explanations. It appears that part of the original management is back, as is one of the original chefs. A recent plan to ditch the original name in favor of "Ming Wong" has been scuttled.

One employee said the old menu - the one with the obscenely low-priced congee and Hong Kong-style noodle dishes - eventually will be replaced by one that is more refined - braised soft noodle with seafood, dry XO chow fun, pork chop Peking style, and hot pots. But another employee said the old menu is not going anywhere - that the new menu will be offered in addition to the old one.


It's cash only.

Ting Wong, 138 N. 10th St., 215-928-1883.