Techie/wine seller Greg Cohen - who last year came out with OysterGuru to help people find bivalves - has set his sights on independent coffeehouses.

His CoffeeGuru iPhone app launched today.

CoffeeGuru is hand-curated and doesn't rely on search engines for results, He says he spent three months contacting more than 3,000 coffeehouses and plans to update the info in real-time. There are 70 Philly-area coffeehouses in it now, and the search allows you to find those coffeehouses that roast their own beans or use Fair or Direct Trade roasters. Users can also submit reviews.

You should know that Starbucks, Panera and the other chains are not included by design because Cohen wants to point people to the "third wave specialty-coffee movement.

See it here.

* The free period ends Aug. 17 and thereafter it is $1.99.