Herr Foods, the Chester County snack-food giant, will introduce potato chips in March flavored like Crabfries, the stock-in-trade of Chickie's & Pete's, the Philly-based sports-bar chain.

Herr's confirms that an image of what appears to be a prototype bag making the rounds on social media is the real thing.

"It's a natural fit between us," said Bob Clark, Herr's vice president of sales and marketing, who was not sure where the idea for the partnering originated.

Crabfries, served at the restaurants since 1977, are pretty much crinkle-cut french fries sprinkled in a crab seasoning approximating Old Bay. They do not contain crab. Melted cheese is offered on the side.

Clark said much research was conducted to replicate the Crabfries flavor, which on the chip includes cheese.

So basically, a salty-spicy cheese chip.

Chickie's & Pete's owner Pete Ciarrocchi sampled test batches around his restaurants "to authenticate it," Clark said.

"It was awesome," Ciarrocchi said.

Clark said the bags of Crabfries chips ($1.49) will be distributed in the Southeastern Pennsylvania/South Jersey area. It's not a limited-time promotion.

The Crabfries name, by the way, is trademarked. Woe betide the sports bar owner who decides to use that name on his menu.