MilkBoy, the music venue/bar/restaurant at 11th and Chestnut Streets, is adding not one but two new spots.

It's also added a new executive chef: Chris Beyer, formerly of Tinto, Village Whiskey, and JG Domestic.

The first new venue, due to open in April, will be a somewhat smaller offshoot at Fourth and South Streets, specializing in acoustic and jazz. The location, across from Jim's Steaks, was for many years Lickety Split, the landmark Philly fern bar that closed in 1996. Lickety Split was later was revived, in name only. The Bar Rescue show arrived in 2014 to convert it into the short-lived 2nd State Lounge and Alleged Pizza. It closed last year.

Why South Street? "I really think the street is the heart and soul of what Philly's past, present, and future represents," partner Bill Hanson said. "It's a heartbeat in and of itself."

The project that really has Hanson jazzed, though, is MilkBoy+ArtHouse, a long-in-the-works venue in the upwardly hip College Park, Md. Triple the size of the Center City location, it will be a partnership with the University of Maryland and will host, among acts booked by MilkBoy, performances by UMD music and theater students.

The partners hope to open this one in October and November.

MilkBoy grew out of Tommy Joyner's punk/hip-hop music studio, which opened in 1994 above Zapf's Music in North Philadelphia. Joyner moved to Ardmore, where he picked up Jamie Lokoff as a partner and opened a coffee shop/venue in Ardmore (now Melodies Cafe) and in 2007, coffee shop in Bryn Mawr (now Hothouse Coffee). Hanson, Joyner's brother-in-law, came on board to run the food and beverage side.

In 2011, the Milkboy bar/coffeeshop/music venue opened in Center City. Less than a year later, the studio moved back to Philadelphia in 2012, and is now MilkBoy the Studio.