Sam Jacobson, who'd won great notices as chef at Lansdowne's Sycamore BYOB, says he's leaving in about 10 days.

Jacobson started at Sycamore nearly four years ago, taking over from opening chef Meg Votta, who passed away from ovarian cancer in 2009. He also was chef at NoBL, the nearby BYOB that recently closed.

Jacobson, a London native who trained in the States, went to Facebook Saturday night to say: "It's with great trepidation that I move on, but I must do so."

"I have made so many new friends, and have been overwhelmed over and over again by amazing gifts and humbling comments from people I didn't know," he wrote. "I've been given home-brewed beer, home-grown oysters (!!!) and produce, had a rap song made about me and the restaurant and one friend I met through the restaurant is even taking me to Alinea next month! As special as all these people are, just as special are the people who have continued to come through the doors on a regular basis, people who want to chat and people who just want to eat, and of course all the great people I have worked with over the past few years. I am not sure what the future holds (I am looking forward to a short break to start with!), but will miss all of you so very much and can't thank you enough. I am nervous but excited about the future. "

Jacobson told me that he has no plans to leave Philly anytime soon, "vacations aside!"

Owner Stephen Wagner said he had no news yet on a new chef.