Another vacancy is filled in South Street West:

What was the long-running Roberto Cafe at 2108 South St. is being fashioned into Ti Penso, also a casual BYOB.

There's a "T" behind the "Ti" - chef-owner Teresa "T" De Luca, who is aiming at an early June opening for her solo debut, whose atmosphere will be clean and rustic, maintaining the open kitchen and courtyard.

De Luca says the name, aside from being half a pun, has been a personal statement. Her immigrant father said it, as it means "thinking of you."

But the menu will not be Italian. De Luca, formerly one-half of the team behind Port Richmond's Hinge Cafe, is planning seasonal-American fare served Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Figure on $15 to $25 for dinner entrees.

De Luca, once a cake decorator, says she was working in the film industry when her father fell ill. Relocating home to Philadelphia, she went into cooking and baking.

Among her specialties is a hypercalorific piece of pastry called a T Bomb, which layers chocolate cake and toasted butter-pecan crumble, caramel, and mascarpone rum mousse - which is then coated in a chocolate ganache shell.