Daniel Bryan's "Yes!" chant has taken the wrestling world by storm.

On a weekly basis, the word is chanted by thousands of fans every time Bryan makes an entrance into an arena. Even as a member of the vilified Wyatt Family, the chant lives on.

Apparently, it's beginning to spread beyond wrestling.

No. 5 Michigan State played No. 3 Ohio State Tuesday night in a battle between two of the best college basketball teams in the nation.

At halftime, the Michigan State football team was honored for its victory over Stanford in the Rose Bowl Jan. 1.

As apart of the celebration, the football team got the entire crowd to take part in a "Yes!" chant. Since the game aired on ESPN, Sportscenter took notice and played it up quite a bit and even mentioned Bryan by name.

The Spartans must have heard the chant from their locker room and used it as fuel to defeat the Buckeyes in overtime, 72-68.

This wasn't the first time the Michigan State football team took part in the chant. It did so in the locker room after the Rose Bowl as well.

[Video courtesy of ESPN]