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WWE Hell in a Cell 2014: Results and observations from the show

This year's edition of Hell in a Cell went by like a flash, and despite some good matches, was mostly uneventful.

That was until the main event.

Because not a whole lot happened on this show, we will be diving into the happenings of the main event, which rightfully belonged to Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, from multiple angles.

We're not going to completely ignore the rest of the show. There are a couple of things to go through there as well.

Before we go any further, here are the full match results from the show:

- WWE Intercontinental Championship – Dolph Ziggler def. Cesaro (Ziggler won both falls)

- Nikki Bella def. Brie Bella

- WWE Tag Team Championship - Goldust & Stardust def. The Usos

- Hell in a Cell – John Cena def. Randy Orton

- WWE United States Championship – Sheamus def. The Miz

- Rusev def. Big Show

- WWE Divas Championship – AJ Lee def. Paige

- Hell in a Cell – Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose

Without further adieu, here are my observations and highlights from WWE Hell in a Cell, which took place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas:

Bray Wyatt returns to cost Dean Ambrose his match

For weeks, the WWE has been running vignettes for each member of The Wyatt Family hyping up their respective returns.

On Sunday night, the family's leader, Bray Wyatt, was the first to comeback via a supernatural hologram that straight out of the original Star Wars.

Just like he's done multiple times before, Wyatt randomly attacked someone in the ring. This time, his victim was Dean Ambrose.

Wyatt hit Ambrose with the sister Abigail and a battered Seth Rollins crawled over for the cover to gain yet another victory over Ambrose.

The obvious direction from here is to have Rollins and Ambrose go their separate ways and for Ambrose and Wyatt to get up and running as soon as Monday night.

I'm going to start with the positives. Personally, I'm very much looking forward to a feud between Wyatt and Ambrose. Wyatt's last feud with Chris Jericho was very underwhelming, but I think because Ambrose's character is so strong, this could turn out to be a great feud.

The promos between these two should be amazing and the matches should be good, too.

I think Wyatt will also bring out a more menacing side to Ambrose instead some of the comedic side we've seen the last couple of weeks.

Ambrose's comedic antics are funny, but I think his character is best suited to be more on the serious side.

The only problem I had with this was …

Was Bray Wyatt's interference necessary?

I would lean toward no. To me, the feud between Rollins and Ambrose should be left to just them two and whomever they're associated with. They are all good on their own.

I figured that since this is going into the Hell in a Cell that the most personal feud for the last six months would get the satisfying and definitive ending of Ambrose finally vanquishing Rollins.

But nope, the WWE couldn't just leave it alone. This was a night that should have belonged to Ambrose and Ambrose alone.

This match should have ended with Ambrose standing tall after coming up short to Rollins time and time again.

He deserved that spot, especially with the work that he's done since Roman Reigns was sidelined with an injury. I thought the victory here would have been a big boost for him.

Instead, Rollins somehow walks away with yet another victory over Ambrose.

Optimistically, I think that maybe Rollins is just Raven to Ambrose's Tommy Dreamer, but that remains to be seen.

All of the shenanigans at the end came after …

Rollins-Ambrose match was aweseome!

Boy, did everything before Wyatt's interference live up to its main event spot.

Everything from Ambrose yelling, "We're all going to die tonight!" before the match to starting the match from the top of the cell to both men falling through the announce tables to was awesome.

I like how Ambrose and Rollins took pages from older Hell in a Cell matches such as starting on top of the cage and the double table spot and put their own spin on it.

I also love the fact that there wasn't a whole lot of technical wrestling. I love the fact that it felt like more than just a wrestling match with a cage surrounding the ring.

It felt like a fight. It felt like these two men really didn't like each other. The match had — wait for it — heat. What a novel concept.

Rollins and Ambrose took the main event spot and ran with it as far as the boundaries that exist today would allow.

John Cena, Randy Orton barely used the Hell in a Cell

John Cena defeated Randy Orton inside of a Hell in a Cell to become the No. 1 contender to Brock Lesnar's WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

While the match was good, there was one problem: the cell rarely came into play. Remember earlier when I said that Ambrose and Rollins didn't feel like a match surrounding by a cage, but that it felt like a fight?

Well, this was what I was talking about when it pertained to just a normal match taking place, but it just so happens that it was inside of the Hell in a Cell.

This match had very little, if any, heat despite the fact that the match was built as if two titans were going at it again. Maybe that's because there was only a two-week build, but I digress.

What was also underwhelming was that Cena won, which means we're going to get yet another match between him and Lesnar for the title.

I don't mind seeing those two go at it, but I still firmly believe that the match should have happened at Hell in a Cell.

Whether we see that match at Survivor Series or even as late as the Royal Rumble, it's not going to be much different than the previous two, which is sort of a downer.

I thought Hell in a Cell would have been a nice change of pace for the two, but I guess we can't always get what we want.

Dolph Ziggler pins Cesaro in two falls?

When I looked at the Dolph Ziggler-Cesaro match on paper, I was so excited because of the 2-out-of-3 falls stipulation.

For what the match was, it was pretty darn good, but it could have been so much better.

That's because Ziggler swept Cesaro by scoring two pin falls. What? There's not going to be a third fall? Nope.

My only questions is "Why?" We they not given enough time for a third fall? If so, who cares if you shave off a couple of minutes of the Bella Twins match, this match was begging for three epic falls.

If it wasn't a time issue, and solely a booking decision, then how much sense does that make?

What does that do for either guy? Ziggler has lost pretty much every single match for the last two weeks, including one to Cesaro.

He also lost to Orton and Rusev, but turned right around and beat Cesaro, a fellow mid-car guy, in two measly falls.

So what does that say about Cesaro? If he got swept by the guy that lost to Orton and Rusev, there's no way he's on the same level any main event stars.

Instead, we're just going to have to chuck it up to lost opportunity.

Damien Mizdow continues to be hilarious

Damien Mizdow is outshining The Miz more than any sidekick in history, including famous ones like Robin.

He shined again by continuing to do exactly what Miz and did so even after the match.

Sheamus had some with Mizdow and even made him YMCA. The YMCA part wasn't fantastic, but everything else was cool.

Undercard was very uneventful

Lots of rematches no title changes for a very underwhelming undercard. It felt very much like another episode of Raw. I don't know about anyone else, but that's not worth my $9.99 a month.