Ryback came to the ring and issued an open challenge to anyone in the WWE. The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry answered the challenge.

Henry started the match in complete control until Ryback took out one of his knees and knocked him off his feet.

Ryback maintained momentum until he charged at Henry while he was in the corner, but came up with nothing but the ring post.

Henry took advantage of the opening and briefly regained control of the match He even used a Junkyard Dog head butt. Ryback cut Henry off by going to the back of Henry's knees for a second time.

Henry didn't stay down long, as he was able to attempt the world's strongest slam. Ryback somehow slipped out of it and hit Henry with a spine buster.

Ryback backed into the corner and attempted the meat hook clothesline, but Henry exploded into Ryback.

Henry then picked up Ryback for the world's strongest slam to pick up the win.

Winner: Mark Henry