You've heard the rumors, and you've heard the rumors get shot down.

Perhaps you've read speculation across the internet today from people saying they think they know what the Union are going to announce tomorrow at 11 a.m. at City Hall.

And when you went out for lunch you thought you heard a cat screaming from around the corner to be let out of a bag that it was stuck in.

Well, in the interest of humanity towards that cat, here you go.

Multiple sources across Major League Soccer have confirmed to me that the Philadelphia Union will host this summer's All-Star Game at PPL Park.

You can get rid of all the maybes and mights and guesses.

I don't know the opponent that the All-Star Team will play and I don't know the date.

But I do know that Don Garber and his crew from MLS headquarters will be in town tomorrow for the announcement.

Which team do you want to see as the opponent in the All-Star Game? Have your say in the comments.